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A. Parking is prohibited between November 1st and May 31st on the cul-de-sac and along the easterly boundary of Lot 20 at the northeasterly end of Pine Cone Drive within the Sierra Pines Subdivision.

B. Parking of any vehicles, trailers, or other storage of equipment shall be prohibited along the entire length of both sides of Dog Valley Road (County Road S-261) from its intersection with the California border thence westerly to a point that is 50 feet west of its intersection with Sunrise Basin/Creek Road (County Road 485), excluding therefrom the encroachment onto the small, three-vehicle parking area and informational display owned and operated by the USDA-United States Forest Service located directly across from the intersection of Dog Valley Road (County Road S-261) and the Sunrise Basin/Creek (County Road 485).

C. Parking is restricted to two hours between sunrise and sunset and parking is prohibited after sunset and before sunrise within the parcel of property owned by Sierra County known as the Von Schmidt Historic Monument County Park located on the south side of Dog Valley Road and described as a one-half-acre parcel shown on the subdivision map recorded in the office of the Sierra County Recorder on July 17, 1992, at Book 9 of Maps and Surveys, at Pages 73 through 75. (Ord. 1110, eff. 6/2/22; Ord. 1089, eff. 1/2/20; Ord. 811, eff. 1/20/94)