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A. The Planning Director shall determine and assign all address numbers to single-family dwellings, duplex residences, properties, and business establishments and issue the same to property owners and occupants without charge in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. A record of all numbers assigned pursuant to this chapter shall be maintained by the Planning Director and open for inspection by the public during business hours.

B. Multiple units within a residential, industrial, or commercial building or complex shall be identified with a sequential numerical or letter suffix as determined to be appropriate by the Planning Director. There shall be no duplications of identifiers within any building or complex.

C. Addresses shall be assigned on the basis of the driveway access location or in certain instances as decided by the Planning Director.

D. Odd numbers shall be assigned to the westerly and northerly sides of all roads and even numbers assigned to the easterly and southerly sides of all roads.

E. The predominant direction of curvilinear and diagonal roads shall be determined by the Planning Director.

F. In the established townsites/communities of the county and similar situations, there exist town road systems characterized by streets intersecting and flanking a central road. In these towns, and in similar situations, each road intersecting the central road shall generally have as its beginning the intersection with such central road and addresses shall continue north, south, east, west or other bearing.

G. When specified by the Board of Supervisors, existing addressing systems in established towns/communities may continue in use, until otherwise specified by the Board of Supervisors.

H. Other roads where both ends terminate at their intersections with another road, other than the situations described above: The following rules apply in the order presented:

1. One end terminates at a state, U.S. highway (49, 89, 80) or county road: The end terminating at the state, U.S. highway or county road is the beginning.

2. Both ends terminate at a state, U.S. highway or county road: The end nearest to the south or west county line is the beginning.

3. In any other situation the end terminating nearest to the south or west county line is the beginning. (Ord. 784, eff. 5/7/92)