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A. Designation. Road names shall be maintained in a master road record, and new names shall be chosen in a manner to avoid duplication, similar sounding, confusing, or inappropriate names. Roads that are through roads and are planned to become through roads should be designated with the suffix “Court” or similar indication.

1. County road name assignments and road name changes shall be in accordance with Cal. Sts. & High. Code §§ 970.5 and 971.

2. Noncounty road name assignments and road name changes shall be determined by the Planning Director.

3. Any decision of the Planning Department or Planning Commission may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Chapter 15.36 SCC, Appeal of Planning Commission Decision.

4. New roads created by subdivision or lot line adjustment, or as the result of a county land use permit when at least two parcels or four dwellings, or a commercial, industrial or public use is served, shall be named through the recording of the location and name on the document creating the subdivision, or in connection with any approved land use document. The proposed name shall be verified by the Planning Department for conformance with name requirements. The matter of the road name shall be included as part of the public hearing at which the decision on the land use proposal is heard.

5. The Planning Department shall update the master road and address record and notify any affected persons, and the following: Assessor, utilities, Sheriff, EMS, County Clerk and the Post Office. (Ord. 784, eff. 5/7/92)