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11.40.060 Display of numbers.
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A. Upon receipt of the address number from the Planning Director, the owner of the property or building shall cause the number to be displayed upon the building or land in such a manner as to be visible from the road upon which the land or building fronts, and shall remove or obscure from public view any old or obsolete number not in accordance with the system.

B. In areas where buildings and/or property front roads where mail delivery is provided, the number and street name shall be displayed upon mailboxes or receptacles designed for receipt of mail.

C. Where residences and/or properties front upon roads not receiving mail delivery, the number and road name upon which the building and/or property fronts shall be displayed upon mailboxes or receptacles at the intersection of the frontage road and the road where mail delivery is provided.

D. Where residences and/or property are not clearly visible from the road, address numbers shall be posted at the main access to the residence/property and shall be conspicuous to ensure positive identification and placed in such a manner to be clearly visible through all weather conditions.

E. All address numbers shall be a minimum height of three inches, of reflective and/or a color contrasting with the surface where placed.

F. Before final inspection can be completed on new construction, including additions and alterations, the building address and any unit addresses assigned by the Planning Director shall be posted in accordance to minimum standards. (Ord. 784, eff. 5/7/92)