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11.42.050 All employees (classified and unclassified) utilizing private vehicles.
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The use of privately owned vehicles may be allowed or required when such use is determined to be in the best interest of the county. However, prior to use of a private vehicle on county business, the following conditions must be met:

A. Authorization. Authorization of the employee’s department manager.

B. Driver’s License. A valid driver’s license shall be in the driver’s possession at all times.

C. Insurance. Vehicles shall be adequately insured. The liability insurance coverage on any private vehicle used on county business must conform to the minimum requirements as set forth in the financial responsibility set forth in Cal. Veh. Code § 16020 ($15,000/$30,000 public liability and $5,000 property damage).

D. Mechanical Condition. The vehicle shall be in sound mechanical condition adequate for providing the required transportation in a safe manner. If the department manager has reason to believe a safety inspection is necessary, he/she may order an inspection at an appropriate facility at employee’s expense to determine the safety of a private vehicle to be used on county business.

E. Enclosed Vehicle Required. The vehicle shall be a conventional four-wheel enclosed vehicle. Under no circumstances is a two-wheel or three-wheel privately owned vehicle to be used on county business unless for law enforcement activities approved by the Sheriff or in emergencies to maintain the health and/or safety of the public.

F. Seat Belts. The vehicle shall be equipped with seat belts and all occupants shall use seat belts. (Ord. 994, eff. 2/21/08; Ord. 850, eff. 4/17/97)