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A. Special Training. Special equipment such as hi-lifts, high rangers, graders, mowers, cranes, snow-removal equipment, or any unit which has special devices added for specific kinds of work, will require formal training and instruction prior to use by a driver. This special training will include the following:

1. Explanation and demonstration of all control devices;

2. Explanation and demonstration of all safety equipment;

3. Maintenance items such as fuel, water, oil or other minimum operation need of the unit;

4. Demonstration of operation of the unit or special equipment;

5. New driver operation under supervision with testing;

6. Instruction in driving to and from or on and off trailers, parking procedures and method of shut down and securing.

B. Passengers. Passengers will ride only in seats designated for passengers. Employees riding in the back of crew trucks will remain seated when the vehicle is in motion.

C. Safety Requirements when Backing. Operators of special equipment will look around when backing.

D. Speed Limit. Construction-type equipment will travel at less than 25 MPH – without exception. This equipment will use the right-hand lane except when a left turn is required. Headlights will be on at all times the vehicle is in motion.

E. Unauthorized Usage. Use of special equipment without training or authorization or the willful violation of any of these rules will result in disciplinary action. (Ord. 994, eff. 2/21/08; Ord. 850, eff. 4/17/97)