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The following uses are not permitted:

A. The placement and use of a mobile home (as defined) in any land use zone in Sierra County, except as stated under permitted uses for the provision of emergency services.

B. The placement and use of a manufactured home or mobile home outside a mobile home park if said manufactured home or mobile home was constructed prior to June 15, 1976 (see SCC 12.12.020).

C. The storage of travel trailers in the front yard area of a parcel that lies within any of the community areas designated on the official land use maps of Sierra County for each community.

Any use not specifically permitted pursuant to SCC 12.12.030 or for which an administrative permit is obtained pursuant to SCC 12.12.040. (Ord. 780, eff. 12/5/91; Ord. 773, eff. 8/1/91)