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Travel trailers subject to the issuance of a special use permit shall be processed in compliance with the following procedure:

A. Application. Completed special use permit applications for travel trailers shall be submitted to the Planning Department and shall consist of the following: a completed application, a detailed project description, a plot plan and a location map.

B. Application Deemed Complete. An application for a special use permit for travel trailers shall be deemed complete when all of the information required by this title is received by the County Planning Department. The County Planning Department shall determine whether the application is complete within 30 days from the receipt of the application.

C. Environmental Review. The Planning Department shall, within 10 days after deeming the application for a special use permit for a travel trailer to be complete, determine if the project is exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and SCC Title 38. If the project is determined to be exempt, complete notification of such shall be made to the applicant by the Planning Department. If the project is determined to be not exempt, the applicant shall comply with the requirements for state and county environmental review.

D. Departmental Review. The Planning Department shall distribute copies of the application to the Health Department, Tax Collector, Assessor, Department of Public Works, and County Surveyor for comment. A 10-working-day review period shall be placed on each application to allow for the submittal of written comments from said county departments or other interested parties.

E. Administrative Hearing and Determination. The Planning Director shall schedule the special use application for an administrative hearing in which the applicant, or the applicant’s agent, county departments, and interested parties will be afforded the opportunity to be present and provide evidence. Notice of such hearing shall be given pursuant to Cal. Gov’t. Code § 65091 and shall be mailed or delivered at least 10 days prior to the hearing to all owners of real property as shown on the latest equalized assessment roll within 300 feet of the real property that is the subject of the hearing. The Planning Director may, with due cause, continue a hearing to a new time and place; however, upon conclusion of any hearing, the Planning Director or his designee shall approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application. Written notice of the action and of the right to appeal shall be mailed to the applicant within three days after conclusion of the hearing. The decision of the Planning Director or his designee shall be considered binding unless the decision is appealed to the Planning Commission within 15 days after the decision of the Planning Director.

F. Conditions. The Planning Director, in approving the permit, may require certain conditions under which the proposed use may be allowed which will prevent material damage to adjacent properties and provide suitable safeguards to the public health, safety and general welfare. Such conditions may include time limitations, architectural considerations, access provisions, off-street parking, posting of bond to insure compliance, green belt, planting requirements, sign size and message, or other controls.

G. Revocation. Failure to comply with any conditions imposed in the issuance of special use permits shall result in the institution of revocation procedures by the Planning Director or a designee. The Planning Director may hold an administrative hearing upon the revocation of the permit. The Planning Director shall make findings and recommendations and the person to which the special use permit has been issued shall be notified of such recommendations no later than five days after filing the permit. The Planning Director or a designee may then revoke such permit for failure to comply with any of the conditions imposed in the issuance of the special use permit. Abatement and removal of facilities as required by a revocation shall be at the expense of the permittee. (Ord. 773, eff. 8/1/91)