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A. Purpose and Intent. To provide rental housing to meet the need of renters in various income groups and at various age levels, and to stabilize and protect the residential characteristics of the area.

B. Permitted Uses. One-family or two-family dwellings, or multiple-family dwellings.

C. Accessory Uses. Rooming and boarding of not more than two persons. Household pets not to exceed two in number. Private garage, garden houses, workshops and play houses customarily appurtenant to a permitted use subject to special requirements.

D. Conditional Uses. A mobilehome used as a single-family dwelling. All uses subject to the issuance of a use permit. Public and quasi-public uses of a recreational, educational, religious, cultural or public service type; but not including corporation yards, storage, or repair yards, warehouses and similar uses. Rooming and boarding houses for any number of guests. Licensed nursing homes. Social halls, lodges, fraternal organizations, and clubs, except those operated for a profit. Mobilehome parks with a maximum density of 10 units per gross acre and subject to other requirements. Day nurseries and foster homes subject to the licensing requirements of the county and the state. Professional offices including offices of accountants, architects, attorneys, chiropodists, dentists, engineers, insurance agents, opticians, optometrists, osteopaths, physicians, real estate brokers. Home occupations, off-street public parking areas on sites contiguous with nonresidential zones.

E. Height Limitation. No main building shall exceed 40 feet in height, and no accessory building shall exceed 25 feet in height.

F. Minimum Area, Width and Open Space. Eight thousand square feet when connected to an approved public water system and sewerage system; 10,000 square feet when connected to an approved public water system and individual sewerage disposal system; one acre when an individual private well and an individual sewerage disposal system are used. Lot or parcel width of 60 feet. Sixty percent of lot or parcel shall be open and clear of structures.

G. Minimum Yards. Front yard, 20 feet; side yard, five feet; 15 feet on street side of corner lot; rear yard, 20 feet.

H. Lot Area per Housing or Dwelling Unit. Two thousand square feet.

I. Distance between Buildings on Same Lot or Parcel. Minimum distance of 20 feet between buildings used for dwelling purposes. Minimum distance of 10 feet between a building used for dwelling purposes and an accessory building. Minimum distance of six feet between accessory buildings.

J. Parking. One off-street parking space for each dwelling or housing unit or guest house and adequate parking facilities for use requiring a use permit under special section. (Ord. 428, eff. 9/19/74; Ord. 409, eff. 7/5/73; Prior code §§ 86125 – 86135)