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A. Purpose and Intent. To provide for transient residential and retail commercial and amusement uses which are appropriate to highway location and dependent on highway travel.

B. Permitted Uses. Motels, hotels, lodges, campgrounds, restaurants, refreshment stands, cocktail lounges. Automobile service stations, auto laundries and garages for minor repair only. Commercial recreation facilities such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, skating rinks, dance halls. Retail shops for the sale of souvenirs, curios, and other products primarily to meet the needs of the traveling public. Public or quasi-public uses intended primarily to meet the needs of the traveling public.

C. Accessory Uses. Accessory uses and buildings customarily appurtenant to a permitted use.

D. Conditional Uses. All uses subject to the issuance of a use permit. Animal hospitals and veterinarians, clinics, drive-in theatres, mobilehome parks with a maximum density of 12 units per gross acre and subject to other requirements to be set forth. Signs appurtenant to any permitted use not to exceed 40 square feet in aggregate area, or one square foot of aggregate area for each two linear feet of frontage, whichever is greater.

E. Height Limitation. No main building shall exceed 40 feet in height, and no accessory building shall exceed 25 feet in height.

F. Minimum Area, Width and Open Space. Twelve thousand square feet when connected to an approved public water system and sewerage system; 24,000 square feet when connected to an approved public water system and individual sewage disposal system; one acre when an individual private well and an individual sewage disposal system are used.

G. Minimum Yards. Front yard, 15 feet; side yards, 15 feet when abutting a residential zone; rear yard, 20 feet when abutting a residential zone.

H. Parking and Loading. In accordance with residential zones, plus any additional as per a schedule to be developed pertinent to other uses. Parking and loading facilities shall not be located in the required front yard area. (Ord. 409, eff. 7/5/73; Prior code §§ 86136 – 86144)