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A. Purpose and Intent. To provide for and encourage low-density intermediate lot sizes for single-family homes in a semi-rural setting in an orderly fashion around existing communities within the county. It is intended that this zone be applicable to those areas zoned CE community expansion district at or near population centers.

B. Permitted Uses. Single-family homes, accessory buildings and uses, guest houses for noncommercial use, orchards, kennels for boarding and/or raising of household pets.

C. Conditional Uses. Schools, public service structures, libraries, temporary real estate offices, cemeteries, golf courses, stables.

D. Nonpermitted Uses. All uses which are not consistent with any adopted general or specific plan.

E. Property Development Standards.

1. Density: one single-family residence per 10 gross acres;

2. Lot size: 10 net acres;

3. Height: two-and-one-half-story building not exceeding 35 feet;

4. Yards: yard setbacks shall be 60 feet on all sides.

F. Parking. Two off-street parking spaces per single-family residence.

G. Special Requirements. Special requirements shall be as follows:

1. Any vehicles and/or travel trailers, camp trailers or the like shall be stored within enclosed structures or in the rear yard area.

2. Any raising and boarding of poultry, swine, hoofed animals, domesticated birds or small mammals, or other animals not considered as household pets shall only be allowed upon issuance of a permit issued in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Supervisors. (Ord. 624, eff. 5/18/82)