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A. Purpose. This zone classification is intended to be applied on parcels of not less than two acres and which, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, are suitable for the proposed development for which detailed development plans have been submitted and approved.

B. Procedure.

1. Application for the establishment of a PD zone shall be made by owners of all property to be contained therein, and shall include an application for a zone change and an application for a use permit for all proposed developments within the zone. The use permit application shall be considered concurrently with the zoning request, and must be approved concurrently with establishment of the zone.

2. When such a zone has been established it shall be designated on the official zone map by the symbol PD and by an identifying serial number immediately following the letters PD. Such identifying serial numbers shall refer to the precise plans for the particular PD zone.

3. Minor revisions in any such use permit may be approved by the Planning Commission; provided, that changes proposed in PD zone plans which are determined by the Planning Commission to be substantial changes may only be processed as new rezoning applications.

C. Contents of Application. An application for a PD zone and use permit shall include the following:

1. Topography of the land and contour intervals as required by the Planning Commission;

2. Proposed access, traffic and pedestrian ways, easements and lot design;

3. Areas proposed to be dedicated or reserved for open space, parks, parkways, playgrounds, school sites, quasi-public or public buildings and other such uses;

4. Areas proposed for commercial uses, off-street parking and loading, multiple and single-family dwellings, and all other uses proposed to be established within the zone;

5. Proposed locations of buildings on the land, including all dimensions necessary to indicate size of structure, setbacks and yard areas;

6. Proposed landscaping, fencing and screening;

7. The Planning Commission may require detailed elevations, construction, improvements, utility and drainage plans, geologic, soil, slope, vegetative cover, water resource and water rights, sewerage analysis, impact analysis, schedule of development and occupation of development, and any other information it deems necessary to adequately consider the proposed development and to insure that environment and ecology of the area is protected.

D. Principal Permitted Uses. Any use or combination of uses which are so arranged and/or designed as to result in an overall development which is found to be in conformity with standards, intent and purposes of the general plan.

E. Height, Area, Lot and Yard Requirements. All uses shall conform to the height, area, lot and yard requirements normally required for such uses except where the total development will be improved by a deviation from these standards. In all cases each structure and use must conform to the precise development plan which is a part of the approved use permit.

F. Other Required Conditions. The proposed planned development shall provide economic design and location of public and private utilities and community facilities and insure adequate standards of design, construction, and planning a safe and efficient system for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The Planning Commission may apply additional conditions to the granting of the required use permit to insure compliance with the intent and purpose of the general plan and purpose of this zone and this title.

G. Designated Parcels. The following properties are zoned PD or PD-SP. Reference to the “Ordinance #” following the property identification is to the number of the ordinance as adopted by the Board of Supervisors providing for the zoning of the property.

Assessor parcels 013-110-126-0; 013-110-127-0; 013-110-128-0; 013-110-129-0. (Ord. 932, eff. 4/25/02; Ord. 409, eff. 7/5/73; Prior code §§ 86200 – 86206)