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A. The following County Assessor parcels shall be zoned agricultural district (A1), in compliance with SCC 15.12.160.

Portion of 21-100-02

Portion of 21-100-07


As said parcels are shown on the “Official Land Use Maps of the County of Sierra.”

B. The following described parcel, being 240 acres and a portion of County Assessor parcel 016-030-004-0, is zoned “A1 agricultural district” in compliance with SCC 15.12.160:

Parcel Description

A 240 acre parcel of land south of State Route 49 and west of the City of Loyalton, more particularly described as the southeast one quarter of Section 16 and the south one half of the northeast one quarter of Section 16, T. 21 N., R. 15E., M.D.B.&M.

C. The following County Assessor parcel, a 75.79 acre parcel located north of the community of Sattley and east of State Highway 89, is added to this section and designated in the agricultural zoning district as described in SCC 15.12.160:

012-140-060-000 (Ord. 1128 § 2, eff. 12/21/23; Ord. 841, eff. 9/19/96; Ord. 832, eff. 10/5/95)