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A. The following County Assessor parcels shall be zoned rural residential 1 acre (RR-1) in compliance with SCC 15.12.190:



As said parcel is shown on the “Official Land Use Maps of the County of Sierra.”

B. The following described parcel, being a 1.04 acre portion of the northeast corner of County Assessor parcel 016-040-077-0, is zoned “RR-1 rural residential district” in compliance with SCC 15.12.190.

Parcel Description

A 1.04 acre parcel of land south of State Route 49 and contiguous to the west boundary of the City of Loyalton described as part of the North West one quarter of Section 13, T21N, R15E Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, more particularly described as:

Beginning at a point monumented with a found iron pipe as described on the subdivision map for Smithneck Village recorded in Sierra County at Book 6, Page 77 of Maps and Surveys, as a one-and-one-quarter-inch iron pipe in concrete with no tag and proceeding S 89°52'52"W, 230.0 feet; thence S 0°40'42"W, 194.45 feet; thence N 89°52'52"E, 230.0 feet +/– to the west line of the adjoining parcel described in the Official Records of Sierra County, Number 0116198; thence N 0°40'42"E, 194.45 feet to the point of beginning, which parcel is 1.03 +/– acres.

C. All residential parcels shown on the subdivision map for Sierra Brooks Unit No. 1 recorded in Book 3, pages 76–80, Record of Surveys, Sierra County, California, excepting therefrom Parcel A (public facility/common area property).

D. All residential parcels shown on the subdivision map for Sierra Brooks Unit No. 2-A recorded in Book 3, pages 90–95, Record of Surveys, Sierra County, California, excepting therefrom parcels A, B and C (public facility/common area property).

E. A single parcel of land located in the unincorporated area of Sierra County and within the community of Sierraville, consisting of 5.22 acres, in Section 13, T. 20 N., R. 14 E., M.D.B.&M. and more particularly described as County Assessor parcel 015-023-001-0.

F. The real property identified as County Assessor parcel 015-101-021 and 015-010-022, legally described as parcels 3 and 4 as shown in the official map recorded in Book 4 of Maps and Surveys, at Page 60.

G. All that portion of Parcel 1, as shown on the Parcel Map for Lauren Johnson, filed August 23, 1977, in Book 5 of Maps and Surveys, Page 51, Sierra County Records, lying west of Sierraville Creek. (Ord. 1023, eff. 9/16/10; Ord. 978, eff. 9/14/06; Ord. 970, eff. 12/14/05; Ord. 847, eff. 12/5/96; Ord. 832, eff. 10/5/95)