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Following Planning Commission action to recommend approval or upon expiration of the 90 days as aforesaid, the Board of Supervisors shall hold a public hearing, with notice thereof as required by state law. The Board, in adopting a resolution of intention to reclassify all or a portion of the property included in the proposed change or amendment may, as a prerequisite to final action, include any conditions, stipulations or limitations which the Board may feel are necessary in the public interest. The fulfillment of all conditions, stipulations and limitations contained in said resolution, on the part of the applicant, shall make this resolution a binding commitment on the Board of Supervisors. The failure of the applicant to meet any or all conditions, stipulations or limitations contained in said resolution, including the time limit placed in the resolution, shall render said resolution of intention to reclassify null and void unless an extension is granted by the Board of Supervisors upon recommendation of the Planning Commission. (Ord. 979, eff. 10/19/06; Ord. 409, eff. 7/5/73; Prior code § 86218D)