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Commencing on the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, the regular meetings of the Board of Supervisors shall be the first and third Tuesday of each and every month; the meeting held on the first Tuesday shall be held in the Courthouse of the county seat and the meeting held on the third Tuesday shall be held at the Loyalton Social Hall, Loyalton, CA; provided, that if the first or third Tuesday of the month falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the next business day. The Board of Supervisors may hold special meetings of the Board at any location and at any time permitted by law. (Ord. 1119, eff. 12/31/22; Ord. 714, eff. 4/15/86; Ord. 668, eff. 12/6/83; Ord. 622, eff. 4/20/82; Ord. 355, eff. 9/2/70; Ord. 353, eff. 7/1/70; Ord. 240, eff. 8/1/60; Ord. 213, eff. 5/1/57; Ord. 180, eff. 3/1/50; Ord. 156, eff. 3/1/43; Ord. 123, eff. 5/13/28; Ord. 112, eff. 8/5/17; Ord. 107, eff. 7/28/15; Ord. 56, eff. 7/29/00; Ord. 34, eff. 8/17/91; Ord. 23, eff. 4/22/88; Ord. 2, eff. 5/14/83; Prior code § 11100)