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Consultants shall be required to file a conflict of interest form with the County Clerk-Recorder, within 30 days of the execution of the contract for the consultant’s services, which shall be in the format for Category I in Appendix I; provided, however, that the Board of Supervisors may, upon the recommendation of the involved department head, determine that the functions of the consultant are such that the duties are limited in scope and do not present a reasonable possibility or opportunity to influence decisions that might otherwise have an economic impact on the consultant or his or her source of income or any real property owned by the consultant within the County. Any such determination shall include and be based on a written description of the consultant’s duties, which description may be included as the scope of work in the consultant’s written contract with the County.

A consultant shall be any person as defined under California Code of Regulations Title 2, § 18701(a)(2). Professional engineers and surveyors shall not be considered consultants for the purpose of reporting when undertaking professional activities as described in Cal. Gov’t. Code § 87100.1(a). (Ord. 907, eff. 7/20/00)