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There is hereby created the office of Public Guardian. The position of Assistant Director of Social Services shall serve as the Public Guardian and shall automatically be appointed to the office upon accepting the position. As Public Guardian, the Assistant Director may appoint an employee(s) of the Health and Social Services Department to act as Deputy Public Guardian(s). Should the position of the Assistant Director of Social Services become vacant for any reason, the Board of Supervisors shall appoint an interim Public Guardian to act in that capacity until replacement or return of the Assistant Director of Social Services. Such appointee may be from within or outside the Department of Health and Social Services and shall possess all the powers of the Public Guardian, including the appointment of Deputy Public Guardians, and shall remain in office until the Assistant Director of Social Services has been appointed. Upon Board of Supervisors approval, the duties of the Deputy Public Guardian may be performed under contract with an outside agency. (Ord. 1129 § 1, eff. 1/4/24; Ord. 1120, eff. 12/31/22; Ord. 1076, eff. 11/1/16; Ord. 1072, eff. 5/19/16; Ord. 609, eff. 8/18/81; Ord. 490, eff. 3/17/77; Ord. 292, eff. 4/20/96; Ord. 252, eff. 4/4/62; Ord. 224, eff. 12/17/57; Prior code §§ 11215, 11216)