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Initial membership on the Public Authority board shall be as follows:

A. Appointment by the Board of Supervisors. The Governing Board of the Nevada-Sierra IHSS Public Authority shall be composed of 11 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors of the two counties, as follows: Nevada County shall appoint nine board members and Sierra County shall appoint two members. The Board of Supervisors shall solicit recommendations for appointment of qualified members through a fair and open process, including reasonable written notice to, and affording reasonable response time from, members of the general public and interested persons and organizations. No fewer than 50 percent, or six individuals, of the membership shall be individuals who are consumers. The Board of Supervisors of the respective counties shall have sole authority to remove governing body members appointed from their counties, who may be removed at the will and pleasure of the Board.

B. Representative Capacity. For purposes of Cal. Gov’t. Code § 87103 and California Code of Regulations Title 2, § 18703.3, the persons appointed to the Public Authority Board are appointed to represent and further the interests of the specific economic interest which an individual member is appointed to represent and each such person therefore does not have financial interests in decisions of the Public Authority that will have a material financial effect on such person or a member of his or her immediate family, distinguishable from its effects on the public generally.

C. Terms of and Limits on Service. The initial board members shall be appointed for periods with staggered terms, as follows:

Three members for one-year terms (two from Nevada, and one Sierra);

Four members for two-year terms (three from Nevada and one from Sierra);

Four members for three-year terms (from Nevada).

The respective Board of Supervisors shall specify the term at the time of the initial appointments.

D. Residency. Qualified appointees must reside in their respective counties and have familiarity with, or knowledge of, personal assistance services, the capacity to understand their role to aid and assist the Public Authority in the administration of its duties; and the ability to attend regularly scheduled meetings, which shall occur only in facilities which meet disability access requirements. Within the first 90 days of being seated, the member of the Public Authority Board shall receive orientation and training regarding the functions and duties of the Public Authority, current issues related to delivery of IHSS, and the responsibilities of the Authority Board. Each subsequent new member shall receive similar orientation and training from Authority staff within 60 days of appointment.