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A. Records. The Authority shall develop a records retention policy consistent with county, state, and federal laws and policies. The Authority shall make any of the retained records available to all authorized county, state and federal representatives.

B. Annual Report. The Authority shall submit annually a report to the Board of Supervisors of the member counties detailing its functions and evaluating its operation of that year. In addition, such report shall present the Authority’s specific goals and objectives for the coming year and its plan for meeting those goals and objectives. If, for any coming year, the Authority intends to expand its duties, the Authority shall present a detailed plan and budget for the implementation of that expansion of duties. Such plan shall be circulated to all interested county departments and community groups prior to presentation to the Board of Supervisors.

C. Cessation or Modification of Authority. The existence of the Authority may be terminated or its powers, duties, composition and/or jurisdiction may be modified by the agreement of the member parties.

D. Effectuation. It is the intent of the Board of Supervisors that the provisions of this chapter shall be effectuated in a prompt and diligent manner. This chapter shall be declared to be in full force and effect from and after 30 days after the date of its passage. (Ord. 940, eff. 3/20/03)