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A. Planning Commission Hearing. After completion of a staff report, the Planning Director shall schedule and the Planning Commission shall conduct a public hearing on the requested conditional use permit. The hearing shall be scheduled, provided public notice and conducted in accordance with this title.

B. Final Action.

1. The Planning Commission shall consider information presented about the project proposed in the conditional use permit application in the staff report, in any accompanying environmental documents and comments received on such documents, in public testimony at the hearing, in any correspondence received at or before the hearing, and in any other information made a part of the record.

2. After the public hearing, and within any applicable time limits, the Planning Commission shall take action upon the required CEQA documentation and approve, approve subject to conditions or disapprove the conditional use permit.

3. Approval or conditional approval shall be granted only where the Planning Commission can make the findings required by law. The permit shall be denied where the findings cannot be made. The Planning Commission may approve a conditional use permit subject to conditions, as set forth in SCC 20.05.150(B).

4. The decision of the Planning Commission shall be in writing, including all findings that were made as the basis for the decision.

C. Appeal. Decisions of the Planning Commission on conditional use permits may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors, in accordance with SCC 20.05.130. (Formerly 20.14)