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A. Failure to comply with any conditions imposed in the issuance of special use permits shall result in the institution of revocation procedures by the Planning Commission.

B. The Planning Commission may hold a public hearing upon the revocation of a special use permit.

C. The Planning Commission shall submit findings and recommendations on revocation to the Board of Supervisors. The person to whom the special use permit has been issued shall be notified of such recommendations not later than five days after submission of the report to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

D. The Board of Supervisors upon receipt of recommendations for revocation of a special use permit may revoke such permit for failure to comply with any of the conditions imposed in the issuance of the special use permit. Abatement and removal of facilities as required by a revocation shall be at the permittee’s expense. (Ord. 1067, eff. 1/1/16. Formerly 20.20)