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The Board of Supervisors shall provide public notice and hold a public hearing pursuant to Title 20. The Board of Supervisors may approve, modify or disapprove the recommendation of the Planning Commission regarding proposed adoption/amendment to the Sierra County general plan or any approved specific plan.

A. Findings. The adoption or amendment to any approved specific plan requires that a finding be made by the Board of Supervisors that said proposed change(s) are consistent with all applicable provisions of the Sierra County general plan.

B. Adoption by Resolution. An amendment to the Sierra County general plan or other plan amendments shall be adopted by resolution. These resolutions shall take effect 30 days after approval. Amendments to specific plans shall also be adopted by resolution, unless the original specific plan was adopted by ordinance, in which case the amendment shall be by ordinance. The adoption of a specific plan shall be by resolution or ordinance as may be required by the circumstances. (Ord. 902, eff. 7/6/00. Formerly 21.07)