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A. Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors shall be the granting authority for reversions to acreage, for final maps, for parcel maps involving offers of dedication and/or improvement agreements.

The Board of Supervisors shall act as the appeal board for hearing appeals of the actions of the Planning Commission.

B. Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall be the granting authority for all tentative subdivision and tentative parcel maps and exceptions, parcel map waivers, other parcel maps not required to go to the Board, amending maps as specified in SCC 23.25.010(H), extensions of time limits, and mergers and re-subdivisions, for which the Planning Director is not the granting authority.

The Planning Commission shall act as the appeal board for hearing appeals of the actions of the Planning Director.

Where a tentative subdivision or tentative parcel map is processed in conjunction with a legislative act, the Commission shall act only as an advisory capacity with respect to the map, and the Board shall be the granting authority.

C. Planning Director. The Planning Director or his designee shall be the granting authority for lot line adjustments, lot line adjustment waivers, certificates of compliance (including conditional certificates of compliance), applicant-initiated merger of parcels pursuant to Chapter 23.24 SCC, and extensions of time for projects for which the Planning Director is the granting authority and waiver of application requirements. The Planning Director shall also serve as the Secretary to the Planning Commission.

D. Planning Department. The Planning Department’s responsibilities shall include preparation of all application forms, receipt and review of applications, distribution, preliminary environmental determination, preparation and transmittal of recommendations to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, and the processing of tentative, parcel and subdivision maps, examining and certifying that final maps and parcel maps are in substantial compliance with the approved tentative map, and the approval of proposed street names.

E. Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works includes the County Surveyor and County Engineer, and its responsibilities shall include.

1. Recommending design and construction details, standards and specifications;

2. Determining if proposed subdivision improvements comply with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act and this title;

3. The processing and certification of final maps, parcel maps, reversion to acreage maps, amending maps, exclusion maps, and the processing and approval of subdivision improvement plans;

4. The approval as to content of subdivision improvement agreements;

5. The inspection, approval and acceptance of subdivision improvements;

6. Granting of extensions for the completion of improvements.

F. County Counsel. The County Counsel’s responsibilities shall include, approving as to form all subdivision improvement agreements and security and all governing documents for a common interest development. (Formerly 23.02.002)