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23.06.040 Accompanying data and reports.
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The tentative subdivision map shall be accompanied by the following data and reports:

A. Street Names. A list of proposed street names for any unnamed street or alley for review by the Planning Department. A separate list is necessary only for those streets not so referenced on the map.

B. Soils Report. A preliminary soils report prepared by a civil engineer registered in this state and in accordance with the provisions of Appendix Chapter 33 (Excavation and Grading) of the Uniform Building Code. If the preliminary soils report indicates the presence of critically expansive soils or other soil problems which, if not corrected, would lead to structural defects, the soils report accompanying the final map shall contain an investigation of each lot within the subdivision.

C. Title Report. A current preliminary title report, acceptable to the department, showing all parties having record title interest in the property whose consent would be required to record a final map.

D. Environmental Review. Information shall be submitted as required by the department to allow a determination on environmental review to be made in accordance with CEQA.

E. Preliminary Engineering Calculations. Information shall be submitted as required by the county standard engineering specifications to demonstrate the adequacy of the design of the proposed improvements. Such information shall include design parameters and engineering calculations.

F. Phasing. If the subdivider plans to file multiple final maps on the tentative subdivision map, written notice to this effect shall be submitted to the Planning Director.

G. Water Availability. Information shall be submitted as required by the department to demonstrate a satisfactory source of water (quality and quantity) as necessary for domestic and, if required, firefighting needs. Where appropriate, well tests may be required.

H. Sanitary Waste Disposal. Information shall be submitted as required by the County Health Department to demonstrate proposed disposal of all wastes including, where necessary, septic system feasibility including soil percolation tests and soil mantle excavations.

I. Geotechnical Report. A geological report prepared by a civil engineer registered in this state and as allowed by the Professional Engineers Act and Land Surveyors Act of 1987, containing such information as required by the department.

J. If the subdivision is inconsistent with the existing general plan and/or zoning, then application to amend the general plan and/or zoning as appropriate shall accompany the tentative map application.

K. Drainage Analysis. Drainage calculations (pre- and post-project conditions).

L. Written evidence of rights of entry or permanent easements on or across private property not within the proposed subdivision shall be required as may be necessary to allow performance of the work necessary to improve the subdivision, to allow for the maintenance of the subdivision improvements once completed, to allow for permanent access to the proposed subdivision, and to allow for and to grant necessary slope rights which shall be submitted with the final map or parcel map.

M. The name and address of all public entities or utilities that will serve the proposed subdivision.

N. Other Reports. Other pertinent data or reports deemed necessary by the department, including but not limited to traffic analyses, and archaeological surveys. (Formerly 23.06.004)