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A. Appointing authorities, department heads, and persons having the power to hire or promote persons on behalf of the county shall not hire or promote any person who is related to them within the first or second degree, whether by blood or marriage.

B. Appointing authorities may hire or promote persons within a department who are related to each other within the first or second degree by blood or marriage only if:

1. They are not supervised by the same person; and

2. One relative employee does not supervise the other relative employee; and

3. The course and nature of their work is independent and does not cause interaction or a close working relationship; and

4. They are appointed and employed in distinctly separate locales.

C. The provisions of this section shall not apply to those employees who as of the date of the adoption of the revisions to the Personnel Code are in violation of the provisions of this section. However, the provisions shall be applied in all subsequent cases involving the hiring or promotion of all county employees and in cases involving the marriage of a county employee.