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A. Applications for employment shall be made on official county job application forms and according to such procedures as may be prescribed by the Personnel Director. Applications shall be filed at the county department or at such places as may be approved by the appointing authority on or before any specified final filing date. It shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to meet the required filing date. In addition, applicants shall submit such documents or supplemental information as required by the Personnel Director or appointing authority in order to verify or evaluate the applicant’s qualifications and background.

B. Applications shall only be accepted when there is an official vacancy announcement or notice posted for the class title applied for, when there is a vacancy anticipated, or when a class is designated for continuous recruitment.

C. Applications, which are materially incomplete or improperly executed, will be rejected.

D. Neither the issuance of an application form, nor an invitation to apply, shall be construed as incurring an obligation to accept or approve any application subsequently submitted.

E. Applicants may be rejected by the appointing authority and/or refused further consideration, examination, or appointment for any of the following reasons provided such reasons can be substantiated and documented:

1. The applicant is found to lack any of the minimum qualifications established for the class;

2. The failure of an applicant to submit an application according to established procedures or within a prescribed time period;

3. The failure of an applicant to complete the application according to instructions, or failure to submit required documents or additional information, or failure to submit a legible and comprehensible application;

4. The applicant has willfully made a false statement with regard to qualifications or background or has otherwise practiced deception or fraud in connection with an application;

5. The applicant has attempted to use, or has used, unauthorized aids, cheated, or otherwise attempted to secure an undue advantage on any examination;

6. The application submitted is for a job class for which applications are not being accepted at that time;

7. The applicant has failed to appear for a scheduled examination;

8. The applicant has failed to pass any phase of the examination process;

9. The applicant has obtained information regarding examinations to which the individual is not entitled;

10. The application has been on file for over 12 months;

11. The applicant is found to be physically or mentally unable to perform the assigned duties of the class applied for;

12. The applicant has been convicted of a crime or has a record of convictions, the nature of which would affect the individual’s suitability for employment in the class;

13. The applicant has used or attempted to use political or personal pressure or bribery to secure an advantage in obtaining employment;

14. The applicant is under 18 years of age;

15. The applicant is between 16 and 18 years of age and has applied for a job which is defined as hazardous by the United States Department of Labor pursuant to the 1974 Federal Fair Labor Standards Act; or

16. For any other job-related reason the appointing authority has determined adversely affects the applicant’s suitability for appointment.