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Whenever a department head believes that there may be existing county employees who are qualified for a vacant position within his or her department, the department head shall be allowed to limit the advertisement of the position to all county employees and shall be allowed to select an existing county employee for the vacant position without having to undertake and/or complete a full outside recruitment. Any such announcement of the employment opportunity may be accomplished by the publication of a job announcement that is circulated internal to county employees and departments. Any such promotion and/or transfer to another position in the county (employment) shall not be subject to the recruitment procedures set out in Chapter 3.03 SCC; provided, however, that employment applications shall be required as otherwise set out in SCC 3.03.020 and the selection process as set out in SCC 3.03.030 shall be followed. The intent here is to allow a department head to hire an existing employee who wants to transfer from his or her present job, without having to go through the full recruitment process.