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A. The appointing authority, when necessary, shall establish and maintain registers of applicants who have passed required examinations and/or have otherwise been determined to be eligible for specific classes. Such registers shall contain at least the following information: the names of the eligibles, the examination scores, if applicable, and the geographical areas in which the eligibles are willing to work.

B. Where an adequate employment register is not available for a classification, the appointing authority may certify the names and scores of the eligibles from a related class register.

C. An eligibility register shall be effective from the date on which it is approved by the appointing authority and submitted to the Personnel Director.

D. All eligibility registers shall be valid for 12 months, unless otherwise extended or shortened by the appointing authority, in which case notification shall be sent to those individuals on the register.

E. If there are four or fewer names on any eligibility register, the appointing authority may consider that list to be exhausted.