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A. Any person previously employed in a permanent position by the county who separated in good standing shall have the right to placement on a register for the same class in which previously employed with that previous employee’s most recent examination score; provided, that:

1. The previous employee submits a new application form which is approved pursuant to the current application procedures;

2. The minimum qualifications for the class have not changed requiring additional qualifying training or experience since the employee’s last appointment to that class;

3. The examinations, scoring procedures, and passing points for the examination for that class have not changed since the previous employee was last examined for that class; and

4. It has not been more than 12 months since the previous employee’s separation from employment in the class.

B. Employees voluntarily seeking consideration for appointments, including promotions, transfers, and reappointments to positions in classes other than that of their currently held position, shall submit applications, meet the minimum qualifications, and pass any required examination prior to placement on any register.

C. Current employees voluntarily seeking consideration for a lateral transfer from one department to another while remaining in the same classification may waive examination if approved by the appointing authority.