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A. Eligibles may be removed from registers by the appointing authority for any reason set forth in SCC 3.03.020(E) or for any of the following reasons:

1. The eligible has failed to provide notice of any change of name, address, telephone number, or information which would affect qualifications for the class;

2. The eligible has failed to respond within the prescribed time limit when an attempt has been made to contact the individual in writing at the last known address;

3. The eligible has failed to appear for a previously scheduled final selection examination;

4. The eligible has been on the register for over 12 months;

5. The eligible has failed to pass any phase of a final selection examination;

6. Upon notice from the eligible that the individual no longer desires consideration for an appointment;

7. The eligible has failed to respond within a reasonable time to an inquiry to determine if the individual desires continued consideration for an appointment;

8. The candidate has refused an offer of appointment to a given class in a location and meeting other conditions of availability previously indicated;

9. The eligible has been appointed from the register;

10. The eligible has been appointed to a higher paying class, unless the individual has specifically requested to remain on the register for the lower paying class;

11. Upon the failure, without good cause, of an appointed candidate to report for duty on the date agreed to by the candidate and the appointing authority;

12. Whenever an eligible has provided information on an application form or otherwise submits a statement restricting the geographical areas, types of appointment, or other conditions relative to availability for, or willingness to accept, an appointment, such eligible shall not be considered to be available for certification or consideration for vacancies which do not meet the conditions of indicated availability.

B. The Personnel Director shall have the authority to abolish a register or require the reapplication and/or reexamination of eligibles on a register when:

1. The minimum qualifications for the class have changed;

2. The positions having that classification no longer exist in the county service;

3. The examinations, scoring procedures, or passing points have been changed since those eligible were placed on the register; or

4. For other reasons involving the adequacy of the register in meeting current needs.