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A. Individuals may be hired to provide additional help for a department to cover seasonal peak workloads, emergency extra workloads of a limited duration, necessary vacation relief, and other situations requiring use of a fluctuating staffing level. Extra help employees may only be hired when there are adequate funds available for such purpose in a department’s budget. In no event shall an extra help employee be allowed to work more than 960 hours in any calendar year.

B. The classification of the position for such extra help employees shall be determined by the appointing authority based on the duties to be assigned to the individual.

C. Extra help employees shall not be eligible to receive any of the fringe benefits provided to permanent employees, unless otherwise expressly stated in this code or by formal action by the Board of Supervisors.

D. The employment of extra help employees shall be on an at-will basis and their employment may be terminated at any time without cause, advance notice, and without right to appeal.

E. It is not the intent of this code to use extra help employees in place of hiring of permanent employees when there is a legitimate need for and provisions of funding for long term employees.