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A. Advance steps above a C for new hires and voluntary reappointments to permanent full-time and permanent part-time positions may be requested under the following provisions and conditions:

1. That there is a demonstrated inability to recruit applicants at the entry level step as approved by the Board of Supervisors; or

2. Prior to the appointment of a new employee to a class or of a present employee seeking a voluntary reappointment, the department head shall make a written request to the Board of Supervisors to establish compensation at a rate of Steps D and E in the range assigned to the class when a candidate has training and/or experience beyond the minimum qualifications which training and/or experience is of the same type and level as that involved in the full and satisfactory performance in the class to which the candidate is being appointed. Such request shall follow prescribed procedures and provide sufficient documentation to enable the Board of Supervisors to determine the eligibility for advanced steps; and

3. Such information shall be presented to the Board by appointing authority. The Board, by a majority vote, shall authorize the appointment at a level above step C of the appropriate range.

B. Upon the reinstatement of a previous permanent employee separated due to a reduction in force or otherwise terminated in good standing, the compensation rate may be established at any step in the range for the class provided the rate shall not exceed the step occupied at the time of leaving county service, and the class specifications for the classification have not changed.

C. Upon the request of the department head, an extra help employee may be hired above Step C of the appropriate range if such employee has had prior service in a permanent position in the same classification within the same department, or if the individual is currently employed in a permanent position in the same classification in another county department. Such requests shall be made in writing to the Board of Supervisors who shall approve, disapprove, or modify the requests, based on the individual’s training and/or experience and the needs of the county.

D. The compensation for an employee receiving a promotional appointment to a permanent full-time or permanent part-time position shall be at the entrance step of the promoted class, or within $5.00 of a five percent increase in the monthly salary, whichever is the greater. However, in no case shall the salary exceed the maximum step assigned to the promoted class.

E. Prior to a promotion a department head may request approval to establish a compensation rate for a promotional candidate at a higher step in the range than that provided in subsection (D) of this section. The provisions and conditions established by subsection (A) of this section shall govern such requests.

F. A new anniversary date, for the purpose of calculating eligibility for merit/step increases in salary, shall be established upon the promotion date of an employee.

G. Disciplinary demotions shall be handled under the procedures established in Chapter 3.10 SCC. Upon a disciplinary demotion, an employee shall be assigned to any step in the lower classification range, which is at least five percent less than the salary received in the previous class. The employee shall lose all seniority rights in the previous class, and the time served in the previous class shall be credited to the new class for the purpose of establishing seniority lists. All disciplinary demotions shall require approval by the appointing authority. The Personnel Director shall insure that disciplinary demotions are handled according to proper procedures. A new anniversary date, for the purpose of calculating eligibility for merit/step increases in salary, shall be established based on the effective date of the demotion.

H. If an employee transfers to a different position in the same class, or to a different classification with the same salary range, no pay adjustment shall be made, and the individual’s anniversary date shall remain the same.

I. Upon an involuntary reappointment, the employee shall continue to receive the same rate of pay if that rate corresponds with a step in the new range. If the employee’s rate of pay does not correspond with a step in the range for the new class, the employee’s rate of pay shall be reduced to the nearest dollar amount in the new range. If the employee’s pay prior to the involuntary reappointment is above the maximum step in the new range, the pay shall be established at the maximum step in the new class. Under no circumstance shall an employee receive a salary increase upon an involuntary reappointment.