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The county shall pay all or that portion of monthly premiums for health insurance for included nonrepresented employees (as defined above) who leave county service after 10 or more years of continuous county service as an included nonrepresented employee or for those included nonrepresented employees who have 20 or more years of represented and nonrepresented county service combined (“a qualified nonrepresented employee”). The amount of the premium paid by the county for such health plan coverage shall be the amount being paid for such qualified nonrepresented employee at the time such qualified nonrepresented employee leaves county service (“retired employee”) until such retired employee becomes eligible for health insurance due to subsequent employment or is of the age for which Medicare benefits normally become available. The retired employee must certify every six months that such retired employee is eligible for this benefit and that such retired employee is not eligible for health insurance from another employer. This code provision does not “vest” any right in the included nonrepresented employee to receive the health insurance benefits set forth above. Should any qualified nonrepresented employee separate from county employment prior to the modification or deletion of this code provision, the terms of this code provision shall vest as to such qualified nonrepresented employee who was separated from county employment prior to the modification or deletion of the terms of this provision.