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Each of the following constitutes cause for suspension, demotion, or dismissal of an employee.

A. Fraud in securing appointment;

B. Incompetence;

C. Inefficiency;

D. Inexcusable neglect of duty;

E. Insubordination;

F. Dishonesty;

G. Drunkenness on duty;

H. Sexual harassment or other forms of harassment or abuse of county employees or the public;

I. Addiction to the use of narcotics or drugs;

J. Illegal manufacture, distribution, possession, and or use of a controlled substance in the work place;

K. Being intoxicated and/or under the influence of any controlled substance while on duty or while subject to scheduled call back;

L. Inexcusable absence without leave (absenteeism or tardiness);

M. Conviction of a felony or conviction of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude;

N. Discourteous treatment of the public or other employees;

O. Improper political activity as specified in this code;

P. Willful disobedience;

Q. Misuse of county property;

R. Violation of any of the provisions of the Personnel Code;

S. Refusal to take and subscribe to any oath or affirmation which is required by federal and/or state law in connection with employment;

T. Misuse of sick leave or a claim of sick leave under false pretenses;

U. Knowingly falsifying records;

V. Threat or assault on an employee or member of the public in connection with county employment;

W. Performance of any acts either during or outside of public employment, which are incompatible with public service and the public interest;

X. Possession and/or viewing of pornographic or offensive sexual material during work hours or on county property.