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It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, company, association, public agency or organization to do or cause to be done any of the following without first obtaining an encroachment permit from the department:

A. Excavate or fill on or under any portion of a county highway;

B. Place or maintain any obstruction on, in, atop, under, or over a county highway;

C. Install, construct, improve, remove or cut into any sidewalks, driveways, curbs, gutters, walls, culverts, road approaches or road surfacing;

D. Install, repair or remove any facilities or substructures in, on, over or under any county highway;

E. Establish, place, change, renew, revise or maintain any driveway, access road or encroachment across any portion of a county highway;

F. Place, maintain, or display in, on, or over any county highway any kind of advertising sign or device. Any such sign or device placed, maintained or displayed contrary to the provisions of this title is a public nuisance and the department may immediately remove it;

G. Cut or fill upon the natural ground surface upon land adjacent to a county highway, any part of which measures horizontally less than two times the depth of the cut or fill from the closest right-of-way boundary line of any county highway;

H. Plant, remove, injure or destroy any tree, shrub, plant or flower growing in, on or over a county highway;

I. Storage of abandoned or inoperable vehicles, travel trailers, private property, debris piles, fences, mail boxes, right-of-way or property monuments in, on or under any county highway;

J. Move over the surface of any county highway or over any bridge, viaduct or other structure maintained by the county any vehicle or combination of vehicles or other object of dimension or weight prohibited by law or having other characteristics capable of damaging the county highway;

K. Operate any motor vehicle on any county-owned land closed to use by motor vehicles pursuant to this title. Any areas closed to use by motor vehicles or otherwise closed or prohibiting any uses shall be designated by resolution of the Board and shall be adequately marked or posted in a manner determined by the department to notify the public of such regulations and/or prohibitions of use. (Formerly 35.03)