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An application for encroachment permit shall be made in writing, upon forms provided by the department, and shall include the following information:

A. Name, address, phone number of the applicant, the record owner, the contractor, other person actually making the proposed encroachment, and any agents or representatives which will be in any responsible position relative to the proposed encroachment;

B. Name, address, phone number of all persons who are authorized to represent the record owner of property affected by the proposed encroachment accompanied by power of attorney or other acceptable document;

C. Signature of the applicant and the record owner, if different from the applicant, with date application is filed with the department;

D. Written description of the proposed encroachment including but not limited to location, purpose, extent, dimensions, time, duration, and nature of the proposed encroachment;

E. A detailed site plan, drawn to scale showing relation of proposed encroachment with county highways; showing adjacent property lines; showing the nature, extent and standards proposed for the encroachment; and other information such as engineering calculations, cross sections, profiles, site data, and natural conditions as may be required by the department. The site plan shall include a map or plat and a sketch or diagram in sufficient detail to adequately and easily locate, delineate, illustrate and identify the proposed use or encroachment;

F. Copies of any written orders or consent to any work performed under the encroachment permit, of the Public Utilities Commission, public utility district, water district, or any other local agency having jurisdiction with any laws, ordinances, regulations, decisions or other form of authoritative orders;

G. Application fee as determined by resolution of the Board. Any application for encroachment permit shall be deemed complete upon expiration of 30 days after receipt by the department of an application, unless the department, prior to expiration of this 30-day period, transmits to the applicant in writing a request for additional information. The application will be deemed complete and filed upon receipt and acceptance by the department of the application or additional information as requested by the department. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, the department may issue to a public utility an annual blanket permit for routine maintenance required by the utility. (Formerly 35.05)