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The following minimum conditions and standards are required and shall be specified in any encroachment permit issued by the department and every encroachment permit issued by the department shall be subject but not limited to the following:

A. The encroachment permit shall be subject to all of the provisions and requirements of this title.

B. The encroachment permit may be revoked by the department at any time, without cause, after mailing a “Notice of Revocation” of the encroachment permit within five days after the effective revocation date. This shall not apply to encroachment permits issued to a public utility operating pursuant to a franchise granted by the county.

C. The encroachment permit and any work or use performed under the issued encroachment permit shall conform and comply with minimum construction standards adopted by resolution of the Board.

D. The permittee is responsible to call for any departmental inspections required under the issued encroachment permit.

E. The encroachment permit shall be null and void six months after the date of issuance unless the encroachment permit, including any security, has been extended with mutual written consent of the department and permittee.

F. The permittee shall identify the name, address, and telephone number of any person who may be in a position of responsibility and authority representing either the record landowner, applicant, and/or permittee in the performance under the terms of any issued encroachment permit and this title.

G. The permittee shall keep any encroachment permit issued under this title at the site of the work or use authorized by the encroachment permit or in the cab of a vehicle, when its movement on a county highway is involved. The issued encroachment permit shall be shown to any authorized representative of the department or law enforcement officer, on demand.

H. The issued encroachment permit shall not be transferable without prior, written consent of the director.

I. Any permit issued to any person, a public agency, or a private utility under the provisions of this title shall contain a provision that in the event of the future improvement of the highway necessitating the relocation or removal of such encroachment, the permittee shall relocate or remove same at his own expense. In the event of future improvement of a county highway for a proper governmental purpose which necessitates the relocation of an encroachment granted to a public utility, the permittee shall relocate same at permittee’s own expense to such different location in the highway as is specified in a written demand from the department. The department, in this situation, shall serve upon the permittee its written demand specifying the place and/or location or that the encroachment must be removed from the highway and specifying a reasonable time within which the work must be commenced by the person, public agency or public/private utility.

J. Any monument set for the purpose of locating or preserving the lines of any road, property, or subdivision, or a precise survey reference point, or a permanent survey benchmark within Sierra County shall not be removed, disturbed, or caused to be removed or disturbed without first obtaining permission, in writing, from the director. The director, in granting permission to disturb or remove any monument, reference point or benchmark, shall require that such points be temporarily tied out by a surveyor licensed in the state of California. After completion of all work under the issued encroachment permit, any disturbed or removed monument, reference point, or benchmark shall be accurately re-set by a surveyor licensed in the state of California. All work required under this section shall be at the expense of the permittee.

K. The applicant and permittee agrees to hold the county and each and every officer and employee thereof from any liability or responsibility for any accident, loss or damage to persons or property arising out of or connected in any way with any work done by the applicant or permittee granted hereunder.

L. No construction material shall be stored nor equipment parked within 10 feet from the edge of pavement or traveled way.

M. All brush, timber, scraps, material and such shall be entirely removed upon completion and the right-of-way shall be left in as presentable a condition as existed before any work commenced.

N. All work shall be planned and carried out so that there will be the least possible inconvenience to the traveling public.

O. Permittee shall immediately cease work in the vicinity of any archeological or historical resources that are revealed. The director shall be notified immediately and an evaluation by the director shall be made relative to the continuance of work.

P. All permits are revocable immediately on five days written notice and the encroachment must be removed or relocated as may be specified in any written order of the department revoking said permit. This shall not apply to encroachment permits issued to a public utility operating pursuant to a franchise granted by the county.

The department may impose any additional, reasonable conditions which may be necessary to assure compliance with this title or to protect the public interest. (Formerly 35.07)