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The applicant, permittee, or any person adversely affected by one or more of the following decisions of the director may appeal to the Board of Supervisors within 10 days after any of the following actions occur:

A. Denial of an encroachment permit;

B. Revocation of an encroachment permit;

C. Approval of an encroachment permit;

D. Imposition of terms or conditions on an encroachment permit;

E. Failure by the department to act on an application for encroachment permit within 30 days after the application is accepted as complete by the department.

The appellant shall file a “notice of appeal” with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and shall submit a copy to the director. The “notice of appeal” shall state one or more of the grounds for appeal as set forth in this section and shall specify in detail the argument of the appellant. (Formerly 35.11)