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36.05.030 Definition of underground storage tank.
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“Underground storage tank” means any one or combination of tanks, including pipes connected thereto, which is used for the storage of hazardous substances as defined in Cal. Health & Safety Code § 25281(d) and amendments thereto and which is substantially or totally beneath the surface of the ground.

“Underground storage tank” does not include any of the following:

A. A tank used for the storage of hazardous substances used for the control of external parasites of cattle and subject to the supervision of the County Agricultural Commissioner if the County Agricultural Commissioner determines, by inspection prior to use that the tank provides a level of protection equivalent to that required by Cal. Health & Safety Code § 25291, if the tank was installed after June 30, 1984, or protection equivalent to that provided by Cal. Health & Safety Code § 25292, if the tank was installed on or before June 30, 1984.

B. A tank which is located on a farm and stores motor vehicle fuel which is used only to propel vehicles used primarily for agricultural purposes.

C. A tank which holds 1,100 gallons or less, is located at a residence of a person, and stores home heating fuel used exclusively for personal and nonincome producing purposes.

D. A tank which is used for aviation or motor vehicle fuel, which is located within one mile of a farm and used by a licensed pest control operator, as defined in Section 11705 of the California Food and Agricultural Code, who is primarily involved in agricultural pest control activities. (Formerly 36.03)