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A. An application for the permit shall be filed with the Sierra County Health Department on a form prescribed by the Sierra County Health Officer, and shall be accompanied by the required and requested information, together with any fee for such permit as established by the Board of Supervisors.

B. All permits shall be valid for a period ending August 31st of each year.

C. The Sierra County Health Officer or his designee shall act upon the application no later than 30 days after the date it is accepted as complete, unless the applicant has filed with the Health Officer a written notice for extension of time and an extension of time has been granted by the Health Officer or his designee.

D. All applications for permits shall be accompanied by evidence that the landowner of the subject land upon or under which the tank is to be installed, operated, constructed, modified, abandoned or closed consents to the application for the issuance of the permit by the Sierra County Health Department.

E. Any person applying for a permit to construct, install or modify an underground storage tank shall submit complete plans and specifications for such construction, installation or modification to the Sierra County Health Department. The Health Department shall review the plans to determine compliance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining thereto. All plans shall be approved or rejected within 20 working days after receipt by the Health Department; the applicant shall be notified in writing of the decision of the Health Department.

F. The Sierra County Building Department shall not issue a building permit, where applicable, until it has received notice of plan approval by the Sierra County Health Department.

G. Upon completion of the construction, installation or modification of any underground storage tank or tanks, the permittee shall prior to operation of said tank or tanks give notice, in writing, of such completion to the Health Department. Within a reasonable time following the receipt of such notice, the Health Department shall inspect such underground tank or tanks, and if approved by the Health Department, the Health Department shall issue a permit or permits to operate such underground storage tank or tanks. No underground storage tank or tanks shall be placed in operation without prior issuance of a valid, unrevoked permit to operate from the Health Department.

H. Any person proposing to abandon or close an underground storage tank or facility shall, prior to abandoning, closing, destroying or removing an existing underground storage tank or tanks, apply for and obtain a permit to abandon or close, temporarily or permanently, an underground storage tank or tanks; the application shall be made to the Sierra County Health Department by the owner on a form prepared and provided by the Health Department. The application must be accompanied by written plans which must be approved by the Sierra County Health Officer or his designee prior to issuance of any permit. (Ord. 1091, eff. 5/7/20. Formerly 36.06)