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A. The Sheriff may summarily revoke any license for any violation of the requirements of this chapter by personally serving upon the licensee or by mailing to the licensee at the address furnished in the application a written notice of revocation. Such notice shall state the reason for revocation and shall inform the licensee that the revocation may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors in writing within 10 days after revocation. Revocation shall be effective upon personal service or upon the third day after mailing.

B. Any license revocation may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors within 10 days after revocation by lodging with the Clerk of the Board within such time a written notice stating the reason for appealing the revocation. The Board of Supervisors shall hear the appeal at its next regular meeting following seven days after the appeal has been filed. The Board of Supervisors may sustain the revocation, reinstate the license unconditionally, or reinstate the license subject to meeting specified conditions. (Ord. 473, eff. 9/2/76; Prior code § 61106)