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Upon its receipt of reasonable advance notice, not to be less than five business days, the franchisee shall, at its own expense, protect, support, temporarily disconnect, relocate in the public way or easement, or remove from the public way or easement, any property of the franchisee when required by Sierra County’s Director of Public Works by reason of traffic conditions, public safety, street abandonment, freeway and street construction, change or establishment of street width, grade, or other condition, installation of sewers, drains, gas or water pipes, or any other type of structures or improvements by Sierra County; but, the franchisee shall in all cases have the right of abandonment of its property. If public funds are available to any company using such street easement or right-of-way for the purpose of defraying the cost of any of the foregoing, such funds shall also be made available to the franchise; provided, that the franchise shall have first priority to such funds if there is a public work project for which such funds may be utilized. (Ord. 747, eff. 8/17/89; Ord. 483, eff. 2/3/77)