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The cable television system authorized under the initial franchise shall include, and the franchisee shall make available at its sole expense, at least one community access channel. “Community access channel” is defined as a cable casting system for use by citizens or private nonprofit organizations to broadcast programming of scientific, cultural, charitable, social, civic, political or artistic interest.

When the above channel is not in use for its primary purpose, franchisee may use it in whatever means it wishes.

During the term of the franchise, the franchisee shall, at its sole expense, also provide equipment as required in order to maintain continuing capacity for program production commensurate with the demand to use the community access channel and shall, at its sole expense, maintain all equipment and channels in good condition and repair.

The franchisee shall also provide maintenance technical assistance including but not limited to instruction in the use of this equipment.

For purposes of this section only, “community” shall include other public entities within or contiguous to the service area within Sierra County such that one access channel and related equipment may be shared amongst them. (Ord. 747, eff. 8/17/89)