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A. During the term of any franchise issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, each franchisee shall, not less frequently than annually, file a written report with the Clerk-Recorder. The report shall be filed not later than 90 calendar days after the end of the franchisee’s fiscal year. The report shall include the following:

1. A summary of the activities of the franchisee during its previous fiscal year in the development and operation of the cable television system, including a description of all services provided as of the conclusion of the fiscal year; a statement of the number of subscribers by category of services rendered as of the end of the fiscal year, and a summary of public access use;

2. A statement of all income received by the franchisee during its previous fiscal year, including an itemization of all services provided, the rates or charges for such services, and the amount of income received attributable to each service, and all other income from whatever sources, including an identification of each source and the amount of income attributable thereto;

3. Financial statements for the franchisee’s previous fiscal year signed by a certified public accountant, including a balance sheet and profit and loss statement; and

B. A franchisee shall prepare and furnish to the Board of Supervisors, at the times and in the form prescribed by the Board, such other reports with respect to its operations, affairs, transactions, or property, as the Board may deem necessary or appropriate to the performance of its functions. (Ord. 747, eff. 8/17/89)