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The notice set forth in SCC 8.01.050 shall be in writing and shall:

A. Identify the owner(s) of the property upon which the nuisance exists, as named in the records of the County Assessor, and identify the occupant(s), if other than the owner(s), and if known or reasonably identifiable.

B. Describe the location of such property by its commonly used street address, giving the name or number of the street, road or highway and the number, if any, of the property.

C. Identify such property by reference to the Assessor’s parcel number.

D. Contain a statement that unlawful marijuana cultivation exists on the premises and that it has been determined by the enforcing officer to be a public nuisance described in this chapter.

E. Describe the unlawful marijuana cultivation that exists and the actions required to abate it.

F. Contain a statement that the owner or occupant is required to abate the unlawful marijuana cultivation within 10 calendar days after the date that said notice was served.

G. Contain a statement that the owner or occupant may, within 10 calendar days after the date that said notice was served, make a request in writing to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for a hearing to appeal the determination of the enforcing officer that the conditions existing constitute a public nuisance, or to show other cause why those conditions should not be abated in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

H. Contain a statement that, unless the owner or occupant abates the unlawful marijuana cultivation, or requests a hearing before the Board of Supervisors, within 10 calendar days of the date of the service of the notice, the county will abate the nuisance. The notice shall also state that the abatement costs, including administrative costs, may be made a special charge added to the county assessment roll and become a lien on the real property, or be placed on the unsecured tax roll.

I. State the applicable hearing fee, if such a fee has been established. (Ord. 1055, eff. 8/21/14)