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A. The notice set forth in SCC 8.01.050 shall be served by delivering it personally to the owner and to the occupant, or by mailing it by regular United States mail, together with a certificate of mailing, to the occupant of the property at the address thereof, and to any nonoccupying owner at his or her address as it appears on the last equalized assessment roll, except that:

1. If the records of the County Assessor show that the ownership has changed since the last equalized assessment roll was completed, the notice shall also be mailed to the new owner at his or her address as it appears in said records; or

2. In the event that, after reasonable effort, the enforcing officer is unable to serve the notice as set above, service shall be accomplished by posting a copy of the notice on the real property upon which the nuisance exists as follows: Copies of the notice shall be posted along the frontage of the subject property and at such other locations on the property reasonably likely to provide notice to the owner. In no event shall fewer than two copies of the order be posted on a property pursuant to this section.

B. The date of service is deemed to be the date of deposit in the mail, personal delivery, or posting, as applicable. (Ord. 1055, eff. 8/21/14)