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An application for a permit required in this chapter shall be filed with the Sierra County Department of Public Works, on forms provided by said Department and shall contain all information required by such Department. Concurrently, a request for environmental review thereof shall also be filed. The application for permit and request for environmental review shall be accompanied by the fees established therefor by the County Board of Supervisors in the most recent fee resolution.

Upon receipt of the permit application, the department shall review the application with affected county departments including, but not limited to, the Agricultural Commissioner and Planning Department. Unless the department is already in possession of appropriate information, the department shall require or secure an independent analysis of the groundwater aquifer or other source of groundwater for the purpose of determining safe yield and whether the subject request will adversely affect the groundwater. The Department shall also review the application with the State Department of Water Resources and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Upon receipt of the foregoing information, the department shall, in accordance with CEQA, require the preparation of a proposed environmental document, which generally will be either a negative declaration or an environmental impact report. After obtaining the comments of the affected county departments and the affected state agencies, and completion of the proposed environmental document, the department shall file a written report incorporating the observations and recommendations, if any, of the commenting agencies and departments, together with its recommendations, with the Board of Supervisors, with a copy to the applicant.

Upon receipt of such report, the Board of Supervisors shall set a public hearing on the proposed environmental document and the issuance of the permit. Said hearing shall be noticed pursuant to Cal. Gov’t Code § 6061 and said hearing may not be held within 15 days of the time that the Board of Supervisors receives the report from the department. (Ord. 865, eff. 4/16/98)