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8.17.070 Public hearing on issuance of permit.
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A. At said hearing, the Board shall first consider the proposed environmental document and determine if the document complies with the requirements of CEQA. If revisions or further information is required or a different and/or more detailed environmental document is required, the Board may require the applicant to provide such information or documents. Such action may include, but not be limited to, a request for any additional geologic studies the Board deems necessary to obtain information required for its decision. The Board shall make such orders as appropriate regarding the environmental document and shall defer hearing on the issuance of the permit until the environmental review is completed and an appropriate document is accepted and certified by the Board. The cost of the preparation of all studies and reports shall be borne by the applicant and shall be prepaid to the county. Failure to pay for the preparation of any study report or analysis required by the county shall constitute automatic grounds for the summary denial of any application.

B. Thereafter, at the hearing on the issuance of a permit, the applicant shall be entitled to present any relevant evidence to his application. The Board shall also hear relevant evidence presented by the public and county staff. The Board shall consider all effects the proposed permit would have on the affected groundwater, the affected aquifer or aquifers including, but not limited to, the hydraulic gradient, hydrology, percolation, permeability, piezometric surface, porosity, recharge, safe yield, specific capacity, spreading water, transmissivity, usable storage capacity, water table, and zone of saturation. (Ord. 865, eff. 4/16/98)