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At the public hearing provided for in SCC 8.20.060, the Board of Supervisors shall hear evidence from the Planning Department and any interested member of the public, and the party(ies) allegedly maintaining the nuisance. The issue at the hearing shall be limited to ownership of any real or personal property which may be the situs of the alleged nuisance, the party(ies) responsible for the alleged nuisance (who may be held jointly liable with the owner of the property), the condition which allegedly constitutes a nuisance, the abatement steps proposed to eliminate the alleged nuisance and matters directly related to the foregoing issues. After the conclusion of the hearing, the Board of Supervisors shall determine whether or not in fact a nuisance exists. Should the Board of Supervisors determine that a nuisance does exist:

A. The Board may order the abatement thereof; and

B. The Board shall retain jurisdiction to issue further orders of abatement, fine or other orders to ensure compliance and end the subject nuisance for a period of six months from the date of the original order. (Ord. 1107, eff. 12/16/21; Ord. 748, eff. 7/6/89)